Kent Mitchell Nature Trail

Enjoy a scenic walk through nature and explore some of the best wildlife Bald Head Island has to offer. One of the best known tourist attractions nearby is the Kent Mitchell Nature Trail. This is one of the best ways to see the entire area and learn about the animals and plants which are native to the area.
While most people will choose the main trail this isn’t the only one to walk along. Actually there are quite a few different trails which are suitable for different abilities. If you have enough time and feel able then it’s great to walk along all of the paths and trails that you come across. Not all of the trails are paved so these should be avoided if the ground is wet to avoid causing too much damage to the land.

The best part about the Kent Mitchell Nature Trail is that it’s suitable for everyone no matter their age or ability. There are a number of different paths which suit different people. The easiest path is level and takes you through a beautiful forest. There are some bits which pass over water, however there are good quality boardwalk bridges stretching right over them.

The main easy trail is paved and takes around 15 minutes for most people to complete.The nature trail isn’t just a great place to see lots of native wildlife. It’s also a fantastic place to go and relax in complete comfort. You can either laze around on the grass or alternatively sit down on one of the many benches which are around the area.

The forest is unique. Many other forests by the coastline in other areas are in danger of disappearing as a result of development. This means that this nature walk is one of the rare opportunities that you will get to experience it.

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